Where to Swim at HONT?

Miroslav Babinský   Jun 18 2019   Relax/Letné športy

Summer heats hit our backs, catching our breath, and each of us does not desire anything else only chill in the icy water. For our accommodated guests by Ezathouse in Devicie as well as for other visitors to the HONT tourism region, we have prepared a few tips on how to make your day more pleasant during the hot summer days in our region.



Basicly Štiavnica and Krupina offers over 250 larger or smaller lakes and water areas, swimming pools or aquaparks, we have selected a few tips that will help mainly foreign guests.



Families with children, as well as adults, will find their way around.Of course, people from Krupina, would prefer the Lake Devičie, the water is more pleasant, cleaner and feel warmer than in the Stiavnica or Hodrusa, but both must be tried.





There is nothing else but our dear holiday visitors we have to wish you a nice summer, full of experiences and if you get a taste we would like to welcome you at the tourism region HONT.


And don’t forget!


History of Hont, virgin nature, lakes, bike routes and famous wine cellars are that kind of wishes what turns your vacation into an endless mountain of experiences.




So do not hesitate and go on holiday tomorrow!





Nice and lovely summer wishes you EZATHOUSE .....

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