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Rural tourism is understood as a set of recreational activities, and leisure activities, which bind to the environment of rural settlements with accommodation in families in rural homes but also in special accommodation facilities. Agrotourism is understood as a a form of more closely to rural tourism, at which the use of agricultural conditions and potential farming sector to meet the needs of tourism. Utilizing the above conditions for agrotourism, as tourism in general depends on many factors such as natural conditions, economic conditions, and quality of service.

In agri-tourism can be included in practically all recreational activities that can farm subject offer to tourists. In recent years is starting to develop even forest walking tourismus, that involves doing business entities in forestry .

An attractive form represents hunting, where visitors are encouraged by the possibility of hunting animals and birds in the wild. At the fisheriesvisitors are encouraged to catches fish for angling or hunting diving in streams, rivers, lakes, dams, ponds. The very popular is horse riding tourism - horse riding, set most often during their stay in horse farm or horseclub, whom visitors are encouraged to walks and horse riding. Horse riding can be a part of the healing tourism / hippotherapy /.

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