Group offers

If you have decided to spend your holidays in a facility of rural tourism and agro-tourism, and have organized a group of tourists, only just remains to choose the way they spend their relax in the Slovak countryside and then choose the trip. Decide is whether to spend time hiking, playing golf or contact with pets. All these forms of spending relax offers our portal

For children are the most attractive activities horse riding or contact with domestic animals like cow, geese, chickens, cat, dog and or ostrich. Such activities can be experienced by our landlords who offer residential summer camps for children. Choose from a vacation , secure unfogetable holiday for your children from which they will never want to leave.

Group offers are interesting also for adults. Throughout the whole year, you can organize trips to visit upon cultural and historical events / range: Relax / Culture and Relax / History / that are linked by tasting wine / Wine Tourism section and excellent gastronomy on offer Slovakia / Cafes section, Gastronomy, Direct farm sale /.

In case you are an organized group EZAT prepared for you holiday according to your wishes. Please fill in the reservation form and enter your group request.


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