Spiš castle tourism unique atraction

Ing. Miroslav Babinský   Aug 5 2012   Relax/History

Spis Castle in the middle of summer becomes the scene of a number of events, where they come into their families, as well as history buffs. Anyone who likes to play, you wait two days full of adventure and fun.

This weekend will open doors to Spis castle especially children. On the castle border awaiting them engaging and adventure games, dark castle torture chamber, fragrance dishes castle kitchen and armory.

Kids will be able to explore even the most mysterious corners of the castle. And learn also how you reduced the time as garrison or castle was amused ladies. For the youngest is prepared a number of tasks, games or entertainment story of the castle and its inhabitants.

In two weeks, 9 and 10 August will Spis Castle venue of international cultural festival Súhradnice. It’s worth it to come up not only because it is every two years. Interesting is also the main theme - 20 years in UNESCO. Cultural Festival this year consists of two main parts. Friday 9 August it will be a conference at city hall at Levoca.

For the public will be interesting the Saturday at Spis Castle. “A rich cultural program is ready for visitors.. We promise that visitors will have to look forward to, “said Dasha Uharčeková-Pavúková of Spis Museum Levoca. To start the event is a good move to Spis’s Settlement, a historic town at 10.30 goes contemporary parade. Directly to the castle open cultural festival on 13th o’clock.

At this time also commenced a program packed with historical fencing, various stunts, period music, as well as historical and oriental dance. On its will the whole family, as they will not be missing children’s activities and performances. For the youngest kids is ready contemporary arena where the children except the workshop waiting for the path skill, but also a variety of activities and games.

An indispensable part of the festival will also be craftsmen with examples castle blacksmithing and pottery. Gourmets satisfied Spiš castle kitchen, where they can not only taste a variety of delicacies, but can also get a a prescription for interesting food. Fencing groups have prepared samples of contemporary camps as to how they lived. Refresh also offer the creative workshops, whether in the bubble, a drum, or juggling.

Besides craftsmen will have a presentation kiosks and museums, castles and organizations which administer castles, UNESCO monuments and other cultural monuments. They will be a screening of the documents. The evening program will culminate at 20:30 constitutes with show VENIM Michelangelo on life’s journey Italian Renaissance genius. Adjustment was inspired by the famous novel by Irving Stone, directed by Peter Weincillera with actors Bratislava theaters. About 22 hour closed event night program with fire show.


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