• Spiš castle tourism unique atraction

    Spis Castle in the middle of summer becomes the scene of a number of events, where they come into their families, as well as history buffs. Anyone who likes to play, you wait two days full of adventure and fun

  • Sheep and folk culture in 700 annual in Malatina

    Competition for the tastiest cheeses in cracking the whip, exhibitions, workshops and competitions for the best lamb of the program at 12 Valaska culture festival - Shepherd day in Malatina. Campus amphitheater ...

  • The first international meeting of robbers in Terchova

    On 16 and 17 June 2012 an international meeting of robbers was held in Terchova. To the area and surroundings relaxing and information center folk costumes bandits came from Moravia, Poland and Slovakia. Robbers ...

  • Summer season starts on Zemplínská šírava!

    This year's summer tourist season kicks off on Zemplínská šírava symbolic unlocking of water on Sunday 23 June, namely the recreation center Klokocov. Informed the TASR haed of Kaluza  Ján Čuchran. ...


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