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European – Slovak association for agrotourism a tourism (EZAT)

The association was established in 2008 as a voluntary, non-political, an association of individuals and entities with euroregional, Slovak and across borders activities.

It provides training and organizes educational events, courses and workoshops in the field of rural tourism and agrotourism, tourism, information systems, environment, integrated programs and other aktivity. EZAT groups top experts with professional experience at home and abroad. Works closely with tourism organizations at home and abroad.

Its activity supports:

  • promotion and marketing of rural tourism
  • conservation of natural and cultural heritage
  • development of rural tourism and ancillary services in rural areas
  • creation of reservation and information systems for agro-tourism
  • creation of publications focused on entrepreneurship in rural areas and in rural tourism
  • investment in improving services in rural areas
  • raising standards of living and well-being of rural citizens
  • promoting the Slovak countryside, culture, customs, traditions and social life abroad
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  • Versatile develop cross-border, Euro-regional, nationwide and regional cooperation in the development of tourism and agro-tourism, biomass and alternative energy, regional development and employment creation, development, and restoration of spiritual and cultural values, and scientific and technical information services.
  • Facilitate the building of a comprehensive information system to improve communication between businesses companys in this area.
  • To promote and organize training activities, organize courses and training in all sectors of the economy and society.
  • Involve civil society organizations, business structures and NGOs for material and technical assistance to developing an information system for the development of tourism and agro-tourism.
  • To provide activities and events that will assist in the development of this sector in order to promote regional development and employment.
  • Information activities and organizing educational activities, organizing training courses and in all sectors of the economy and society.
  • The EZAT aims is to work with all central government bodies, local government, the education, health, volunteers, NGOs and the media sector in Slovakia.
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