Mashroom paradise HONT presents EZATHOUSE

Miroslav Babinský   Jul 17 2017   Gastronomy/Grilling


Holidays in the Slovak countryside can be spent in different ways. Those who prefer agrotourism to mass tourism in big resorts offer HONT also the possibilities of mushrooming. Fruit and mushroom picking is becoming an increasingly popular form of leisure time.



Our EZATHOUSE from the surrounding Štiavnické vrchy to Krupinská Planina offers many beautiful forest areas with many first-class mushrooms in the areas of Devičie, Sebechleby, Tlstý vrch, Kráľovce Krnišov and Prenčov. And as the season is already in full swing and you are familiar with mushroom picking, do not hesitate and come to relax in this active way.



A small demonstration of the last fertile weekend ending up with nearly 300 shrooms is being presented to you. Picking up directly by the owner.





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Treat the mushrooms in different ways. Blanish 2 minutes in boiling water and then shake vigorously and freeze. Then they are also fresh for one year.



You can get them dry directly by us and take them home after.



The third way is the most delicious. There is nothing more amazing than makes scrambled domestic eggs with fresh porcini mushrooms collected immediatly from domestic forests and fresh farm eggs. Selling home-made eggs is in HONT very frequently and favorite manure. You can buy fresh eggs in almost every village on HONT region directly from grandmother. Such a tradion and habits also in Devičie.









Welcome at the region HONT


Welcome in SLOVAKIA


We wish you amazing HOLIDAY








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