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Miroslav Babinský   Nov 19 2016   Ezat

Maintained top quality ski slopes, cross-country tracks, snowboard parks, ski schools and nurseries, night skiing, ski rental – visitors to Slovak ski resorts can expect all of the above. Non-skiers can go wild on the adrenalin rides such as snowtubing, kitewing, bobsleigh and sledge runs and on the ice-rinks.


JASNÁ Nízke Tatry

Žilinský kraj, okres Liptovský Mikuláš, Demänovská DolinaUnique views, a broad range of pistes and modern lifts are all waiting at Jasná Nízke Tatry, the largest ski area in Slovakia. Jasná offers 46 km of pistes, 30 lifts and tow lines and 15 bars and restaurants.


Vysoké Tatry – Tatranská Lomnica

Prešovský kraj, okres Poprad, Vysoké TatryThe Tatranská Lomnica ski area is home to Lomnické sedlo, the highest and steepest piste starting at an elevation of 2,190 m above sea level, with 1,300 m of vertical, a 5-month snow guarantee, the latest chair and gondola lifts and expanded pistes widened to 60 m



Vysoké Tatry – Štrbské Pleso

Prešovský kraj, okres Poprad, Vysoké TatryŠtrbské Pleso, the highest situated settlement in the Tatras Mountains, offers 9 km of easy to moderately difficult ski runs on the southern slopes of Predné Solisko, which are popular especially with families and advanced skiers.


PARK SNOW Donovaly

Banskobystrický kraj, okres Banská Bystrica, DonovalyThe PARK SNOW Donovaly ski area is located where the Low Tatra and Veľká Fatra National Parks meet. This ski area is the best known in Slovakia. A feature unique to Donovaly is the second-largest skiing facility dedicated exclusively to children in Europe.


Vrátna Free Time Zone

Žilinský kraj, okres Žilina, TerchováThe ski resort Vrátna Free Time Zone is situated in the Malá Fatra National Park and is one of the four highest situated resorts in Slovakia. Ski runs are located at altitudes up to 1520m. 



Snowparadise Veľká Rača

Zilinský kraj, okres Čadca, OščadnicaThe international ski resort Snowparadise Veľká Rača Oščadnica is situated in the Kysuce region in the Kysucké Beskydy Mountains. The location of the resort is very interesting as it is located near the Czech Republic and Polish border. Access to the resort is trouble free and securely maintained during the winter.


Bachledka Ski&Sun

Prešovský kraj, okres Poprad, ŽdiarThe Bachledka Ski&Sun family ski area covers northern and southern slopes of the Spiš Magura mountain ranges with a beautiful panorama of the Belianske Tatras. This area offers excellent skiing on three connected valleys with a season-long snow guarantee.




Ružomberok – Malinô Brdo Ski & Bike

Žilinský kraj, okres Ružomberok, RužomberokThe skiing centre at Ružomberok – Malinô Brdo Ski & Bike is situated near the town of Ružomberok in the Liptov region at the foothills of the Big Fatra. The centre is only 2 km away from 1st class road no 18 (Žilina – Košice).

Winter Park Martinky

Žilinský kraj, okres Martin, MartinThe Winter Park Martinky ski resort is situated in the Malá Fatra mountains, in the Turiec region, just above the town of Martin. At an altitude of 1,456 metres, the top of the slopes have an exclusive view of the Turiec basin and the surrounding mountains.

SKI PARK Kubínska hoľa

Zilinský kraj, okres Dolný Kubín, Dolný KubínSKI PARK Kubínska hoľa - fun for the whole family! “Kubínka” offers great conditions for all, starting with free-ride through race tracks to the children’s ski school. The total length of the ski runs is 14km, which makes our resort an ideal place for an unforgettable experience of skiing.



Relax Center Plejsy

Košický kraj, okres Spišská Nová Ves, KrompachyThe ski resort Relax Centre Plejsy is situated 2km south of Krompachy in the Spiš region. The ski runs are situated on the northern slopes of Krompašský vrch Mountain (1025 meters above sea level).


Roháče – Spálená

Žilinský kraj, okres Tvrdošín, ZuberecThe ski resort Roháče Spálená is part of the village Zuberec and is situated in the alpine environment of the Western Tatras in the Orava region. The resort is attractive thanks to its nice mountains, quiet and clean environment, good climatic conditions and an early start to the ski season. 


Ski centrum Strednica

Prešovský kraj, okres Poprad, ŽdiarThe Ski centrum Strednica ski area is located in the town of Ždiar in between the foothills of the Belianske Tatras and the Spiš Magura mountain range.


Jasenská dolina

Žilinský kraj, okres Martin, Belá - DuliceThe Jasenská dolina ski area is located in the Turiec region. Jasenská dolina is one of the best known valleys in the Veľká Fatra Mountains.

Ski Vitanová

Žilinský kraj, okres Tvrdošín, VitanováThe SKI Vitanová resort is located at the edge of the village of Vitanová in the Skorušinské vrchy. The top of the slopes offer magnificent views of the Tatras and the whole Orava region.

Vysoké Tatry – Starý Smokovec

Prešovský kraj, okres Poprad, Vysoké TatryThe Vysoké Tatry – Starý Smokovec is an ideal ski area for families with children and beginners. Day and night sledding from Hriebenok is among the best winter experiences in the Tatras.

Snowland – Valčianska dolina

Žilinský kraj, okres Martin, TrebostovoThe Snowland – Valčianska dolina ski area is located at the base of the Lúčanska portion of the Mala Fatra Mountains in the Turiec region. The ski area is only 14 km from the city of Martin.


Skalka arena

Banskobystrický kraj, okres Žiar nad Hronom, KremnicaThe Skalka arena is situated in the Kremnické vrchy mountain range in the Turiec – Kremnicko region. Thanks to its high altitude (1,252 m), and its location with high snowfall, the Skalka arena is also nicknamed the “only Slovak glacier”.

Salamandra Resort

Banskobystrický kraj, okres Žarnovica, Hodruša - HámreThe ski resort SALAMADRA Resort is situated in the middle of the Štiavnické vrchy Mountains, near the town of Banská Štiavnica. The SALAMANDRA Resort is one of the southernmost ski destinations in Slovakia. 

Mýto Ski Centrum

Banskobystrický kraj, okres Brezno, Mýto pod ĎumbieromThe ski resort Mýto Ski Centrum is situated in the region of Horehronie, in the Low Tatras. Access to the resort is right from the road I/72 Podbrezová  Poprad.

Those who are tired after mountain hiking or skiing will become well rested. Slovakia is no longer just a country of shepherds. It also offers world standard entertainment and wellness!





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