Learning to ride a horse should be a combination of pleasure and effort. It's a great way of enjoying life in nature and lookout, the tour offers something extra-contribute to your fitness and agility. Horse riding can be individual or grouped, depending on what you prefer and what you have an experience. Horses, even if they are well trained, are unpredictable, therefore you need to prepare for barriers, including crashes.

For relaxation there contribute individual riding in nature. In these can be unlimited ride through forests and meadows, which helps the feeling of freedom and driving without barriers. Be enthralled by the beauty of nature and the Slovak hospitality! For already experienced riders we like to organize daily hikes and Horse riding resorts.

If you want to spend your holiday in the form of individual riding and wandering around the beautiful Slovakian countryside and riding areas choose your county and your favorite area. Click the mouse to the edge or the dropdown menu function.

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