Beneficial effect of the rural environment and countryside, more than 2500 hours of sun to recharge lost energy plus goodwill and warmhearted welcome - this is what creates the right atmosphere for you, your family and friends.

If you would like to experience a full day of holiday with everything that belongs to it in the facilities of rural tourism and agritourism you are welcome.

Info system EZAT introduces you more than 320 accommodation facilities from the area of rural tourism and agritourism in SLOVAKIA. It summarizes as well as complementary services and home made products of farm direct sale - all what makes the offer different from commercial and citys tourism facilities.

EZAT holiday guide provides quick and comprehensive information on all accommodation establishments and state of possible spare capacities / banner Accommodation /. Simplifies the search of the desired demand and saves time. Those interested in vacation so find suitable accommodation according to their preferencies and possibilities.

During the holiday we introduces also owerview handicrafts and folklor creations of our regional providers / banner Handicraft/ , products from Direct farm sale /banner Gastronomy/Direct sale/, produced by our cheese makers or butchers - all home made products of SLOVAKIA.

After such experiences certainly fits handy the wine tasting at the best Slovak winemakers / banner Wine Tourism /. You can taste the food that does not harm your health and spend time in the cradle of picturesque and unspoilt nature of Slovakia.

Info system EZAT - GUIDE for SLOVAKIA RURAL HOLIDAY wants to be the most comprehensive source of rural tourism and information about Slovakia on the Internet, in other words give you everything you need to spent beautifull time and happy holidays!

Our information shall be constantly updated and expanded, well if you find that something is missing, or you have a specific idea on what might be included in our guide, please let us know!

We are looking forward to your visit and offer favour, heart and diversified choice of products from the countryside. Rich offer of services and experience wishes you EZAT and GUIDE for SLOVAKIA RURAL HOLIDAY.


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